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Your fundraising goal is $500 but feel free to shoot for the stars!

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Thank you for registering your Drive to Ride Story! Please click the link at the bottom to complete your page with your story and photo. Please check your email for a welcome message and for more information on how to get started.

For questions, contact us at or (949) 240-8441 (Tax ID #95-3351363)

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The Drive to Ride campaign is a way to raise funds for priority programs, client financial aid, and horse care. This grass-roots campaign is unique in that it gives everyone an opportunity to participate by either sharing their story or supporting a story. The Shea Center has been responding to the needs of people with disabilities for almost four decades. The demand for our therapy services and the opportunity to serve our community continues to grow each year. Every donation, of any size, can make an impact on the lives of our clients and their families. With your help we can reach our goal of $160,000, all proceeds will go directly to priority programs, client financial aid and horse care.